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Sequence Potentials

One of the big questions is HOW to implement all the ideas embedded in the Piggyback Yard.  Conceptually, several elements of the design could be staged over many years as funding is identified and becomes available.  Check out some graphic depictions of sequencing ideas for the rail yard (containers to park) and the river channel (monolithically structured to responsively manipulated) below.

PBy in The Architect’s Newspaper

Zen Vuong interviewed several members of the PBy Collaborative for her recent article Rollin’ on the River, featured in the West Coast version of The Architect’s Newspaper.  Referring to the PBy Vision as a “transformative blueprint,” the article covers the basic project facts as well as our efforts to “initiate a dialogue with city leaders, public and private agencies, and the community.”  Union Pacific is quoted as well, reiterating our current understanding of the situation with the Piggyback Yard as outlined in Rail.  Click on the link above to read the entire online article.